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Abstract Artwork

"A painting, however imperfect it may be, is an expression of feeling, an expression of love, not just a copy of something."

-Charles Ryder in Brideshead Revisited, by Evelyn Waugh.

Abstract 3 300 RES with credentials.jpg

Piazza San Pietro, Ink on Canvas, 2021

Abstract 6 300 RES.jpg

Dreams, Ink on Canvas, 2021

AG and JJ Drybrush and Ocean Ripple and Spray Paint Oil Brush Pencil.jpg

November in Washington Park, Ink on Canvas, 2021

Abstract 5 signed copy 300dpi.jpg

Pastel Palms, Ink on Canvas, 2021

World Champion Max.jpg

Dutch Formula 1 Fans Celebrate Max, Ink on Canvas, 2021

To order a copy printed on stretched canvas, please view the options at: and then email me at: and I will remove the watermark for the artwork you select.

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